Prizmalite solid glass microspheres represent a new micro particle-based, materials enhancement technology. Prizmalite microspheres function as enhancement pigments and impart visual, physical and economic benefits when incorporated into paints, inks or coatings for a wide range of applications. Prizmalite has developed and patented a range of proprietary coatings for application to its microspheres that are designed to deliver specific characteristics to further enhance the performance of Prizmalite products.

PRIZMALITE’s Solid Glass Microspheres

  • Smallest clear glass microspheres manufactured in commercial volume.
  • The first and to date, only solid glass microspheres small enough to be incorporated into thin film coatings (such as OEM automotive paint) without protrusion.
  • As a result of its proprietary coatings, the most efficient metallized microspheres for delivering retro reflectivity in powder coating, paint or textile ink applications.

Prizmalite microspheres are additives that on a cost-per-pound basis are less expensive than many of the pigments they replace. Because Prizmalite microspheres are solid and strong, they can be incorporated into a broad range of materials, such as water or solvent-based paints, plastics, vinyl, or powder-coating powders, applied to virtually any substrate material, including metals, plastic or concrete, and applied using most application methods. Prizmalite microspheres will not shatter or shear when used in most high speed spray guns, extruders or powder coating chambers.

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